Fashion tip 1



Wear a plain and simple chiffon, cotton or a raw silk sarees of light colours for a business meeting.

Saee Pret 🙂

Beautiful colors of India.



Class and creativity.



Sarees are as hot as your hot pants. Saree which is well draped defines your body and make you look elegant and sexy. There are various patterns and styles of draping the sarees now a days in which you will love yourself. At Saee Pret studio you will find brilliant pastel colours and patterns that you will fall in love with. 

Don’t be afraid to wear what you like.



In fashion there are many rules which we can’t break at times but we at saee pret suggest all that if you like something a lot then just forget about the Rules because the love that you have for your dress will make look like a star anyway in that crowd. Go ahead with a smile and wear your confidence and we are sure that nothing will make you look bad.
Wear it just the way you want. 🙂

Useful tip no 3



Coconut oil is useful in many ways in fact you can replace it with many of your expensive cosmetics that you keep purchasing. Coconut oil is beneficial in many ways.

1. It is a great moisturizer for your face, lips, torso, body, arms etc.

2. Rub a few drops of oil under your eyes and on your eyelid it works as a best cream for your undereye and eyelid.

3. works as a great conditioner for your hair.

4. It can be used to treat eczema.

Useful tip no. 2



Want to try that red lipstick? go ahead with it just remember to keep the rest of your make up really light.

Useful tip no. 1



Don’t have time for pedicure? dry feet can spoil your look. Wash your feet to remove dust twice daily and apply a few drops of baby oil or coconut oil to get that shiny and clean look.

Team saee pret.

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